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Do you keep an inventory of your vehicles?

We are currently upgrading our systems to provide customers with vehicles currently in our stores. Check back soon! However, keep in mind the cars on our lots stay for a limited time. If there is a part you need, act quickly!

Do I have to pay an admission fee just to look?

Yes. You will also have to pay the admission fee to purchase items off of the Bargain Wagon, dispose of used motor oil or to purchase our used antifreeze.

Do you have newer model years?

No. We only inventory vehicles 5 years old and older.

How do I know if the part I need is still available on the vehicles in the parts area?

You need to come and take a look. We do not inventory the available parts due to our high turnover of vehicle inventory.

How do I know if a part from one model year will fit another?

To make your shopping easier, Parts Galore has a state of the art Interchangeable Parts Service that will allow our customers to cross-reference parts at no extra charge. Even if we don’t have your make and model in stock, we may still have the part you need. Use our parts cross-referencing system to locate other vehicles that have the part you want.

Will Parts Galore buy my vehicle from me?

Yes. We will purchase your car or truck provided you have a clear title. The price of the vehicle is based on the completeness of the vehicle and the current market pricing. Call us for details: 313.361.6764 or fill out a quote form to have a representative contact you.

Can I buy a vehicle that is in the yard?

Yes. Parts Galore is licensed to sell vehicles. In addition to vehicles, in the parts area , we also have a limited quantity of used vehicles that are still intact.

If I pay my admission fee at one Parts Galore can I use it at the other?

Yes. Your gate pass that you purchase can be used to visit any of our stores ONLY ON THE SAME DAY IT WAS PURCHASED.

If a part doesn’t fit or doesn’t work can I return it for a refund?

Yes and no. You may return the part for a replacement part only if you purchased a guarantee, available on most parts, at the time of sale. If that part is no longer available for your removal in the yard, then an in store credit will be given. If you did not purchase a guarantee, then you may not return the part.

Can I return a part purchased at one location to another location?

Yes. Parts exchange and store credit can be used at any of our locations.
Parts are sold as is. No cash refunds. Tires are also sold as is and a guarantee is not available for purchase.

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