Why should I pull my own parts?

Since you provide the labor, you enjoy all the savings. Our parts are sold at a fraction of what dealerships and new parts stores would charge and well below the cost of a traditional full-service auto parts yard. More and more vehicle parts are becoming special order only.

Can I expect to find high-quality parts?

Most of the parts are the original components the manufacturer installed when the car was built. Often you can even find new recently installed parts as well.

Why do you charge a small entrance fee?

Our minimum fees help to offset expenses of maintaining a state-of-the-art auto parts recycling facility.

If I pay my admission fee can I return to the yard if I need another part?

Yes. Your gate pass allows unlimited access ON THE SAME DAY IT WAS PURCHASED.

Do you charge to use a wheelbarrow or an engine hoist?

Both a wheelbarrow and an engine hoists are available for your use, free of charge. No other tools are provided. We frequently offer used tools for sale in our retail sale area.

I’ve checked your inventory online or looked in your yard and couldn’t find the car that matches the model I need for parts. Does that mean you don’t have the part I need?

Many parts are used on more than one car model. We provide a FREE cross referencing system to locate other vehicles that have the same parts. With over 1,500 vehicles between in our yard, chances are, we have what you need.

Do you sell vehicles?

Yes, all vehicles are sold “as is, where is” and are not subject to our return policy.   Our locations offer a large selection of runners, drivers and “mechanic specials” with varying needs.  You can view the vehicles for sale On-Line or come by our location to see we have in stock.

Do you have newer model years?

We only have vehicles 6 years old and older.

Can I bring my old part for comparison to the yard?

Yes, but all parts must be marked by an associate prior to entering the yard, you will be charged for all unmarked parts when leaving the yard.

Can’t find your vehicle?

We have 2 ways to help!

Get notified by email when a vehicle that you’re looking for enters the yard.  Just click below to sign up, its quick and easy!


If we don’t have the car or truck you’re looking for, use our free in-store interchange cross-referencing system to locate other vehicles that have the exact same parts.


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